Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular is an MVNO that operates on both the AT&T and T-Mobile networks. The company was founded in 1995 by John Marick and Greg Pryor and it is currently one of the largest and oldest MVNOs in the USA ((source: Consumer Cellular)). It was purchased in October of 2020, by the investment firm GTCR for $2.3 billion.

Consumer Cellular’s target demographic are those aged 50 years and up. It has been an AARP provider since 2008 and it offers exclusive discounts and benefits to those who are AARP members.

In terms of customer satisfaction, the company has consistently ranked tops by various organizations such as Consumer Reports, J.D. Power and Market Force.

Voice only plans are available as are shared family plans. Customers can add a line to an account at a price of $20/month for the first additional line and $15 for each line thereafter. Data is shared between lines. Except for times of heavy network traffic, network speeds are equivalent to AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s.

In the fall of 2021, Consumer Cellular lowered the price of its single-line plans by offering $5/month auto-pay billing discounts. A new 7GB plan was also introduced at that time.

Plans Breakdown

$15 / month$20 / month$35 / month$40 / month$45 / month$55 / month
Networks UsedAT&T, T-MobileAT&T, T-MobileAT&T, T-MobileAT&T, T-MobileAT&T, T-MobileAT&T, T-Mobile
High-Speed Data01 GB7 GB10 GB15 GB50 GB
Includes Unltd 2G DataNoNoNoNoNoYes
Network Type4G LTE, 5G4G LTE, 5G4G LTE, 5G4G LTE, 5G4G LTE, 5G4G LTE, 5G
Hotspot DataNoYesYesYesYesYes
International Talk/TextNo / NoNo / NoNo / NoNo / NoNo / NoNo / No
Wifi Calling/TextingYes / YesYes / YesYes / YesYes / YesYes / YesYes / Yes