Metro by T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile

MetroPCS originally launched in 1994 as General Wireless INC, which was a company whose purpose was to bid on, and acquire and operate broadband PCS licenses.

General Wireless INC changed its name to MetroPCS INC in 1999 and the company provided cellular service as a CDMA network.

In 2007 MetroPCS became a publicly traded company when it launched its IPO.

In 2010 MetroPCS made history by becoming the first carrier in the USA to offer service on an LTE network with an LTE handset.

Shortly thereafter, in 2012, the company reached a deal with T-Mobile to merge to help T-Mobile better compete with other national providers. In 2015 MetroPCS’s legacy CDMA network was fully shutdown and replaced by T-Mobile’s LTE network. Today MetroPCS operates as a no contract prepaid provider that is still owned by T-Mobile.

In October of 2018 MetroPCS was rebranded to Metro By T-Mobile. Also in October, the company became the first prepaid brand to commit to launching 5G wireless service.

Network speeds are equivalent to T-Mobile’s.

Plans Breakdown

Networks Used:T-MobileT-MobileT-MobileT-MobileT-Mobile
High-Speed DataUnlimited (if switch)5 GB10 GBUnlimited GBUnlimited GB
Network Type4G LTE, 5G4G LTE, 5G4G LTE, 5G4G LTE, 5G4G LTE, 5G
Includes Unlimited 2G Data:NoYesYesN / AN / A
Hotspot DataNoYesNoNoYes
Internation Talk/TextNo / NoNo / YesNo / NoNo / NoNo / No
Wifi Calling/TextingYes / YesYes / YesYes / YesYes / YesYes / Yes